a celebration of when beauty meets perfection.

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting." Steve McQueen.

blog entry 1. the manifesto.

This is definitely the best (yes i said, the best) car to have come out of a factory. Such a claim is of great repercussion right? who would in their right mind pass a judgement as big as that on a car that is probably older than their own fathers. but we live in a time now, where car are less and less objects of beauty and more and more objects of mere transportation. consider this my manifesto about today’s car industry. it is shit. not the cars, but the customers (us) are starting to become pussies when it comes to cars. let me tell you this, cars are not meant to be green, they are meant to be fierce. i believe the best era for cars was definitely the 1920’s, followed by the 1950’s and finally the 1960’s. the emergence of the Asian  market with the readily available car with the price tag barely reaching the double digits we can count ourselves living in a purgatory of the automobile industry.

cars are supposed to be glamorous. you should be able to knock the panties off a girl just by her taking a glimpse of the hood. today’s cars are all about speed and functionality, that can only help you so far with the ladies. and I’m not saying that this is bad, I’m just saying it is straying away from the golden age. we have no cars that can claim to be the best cars in the world anymore. all the cars look the same and they lack that ‘classy as fuck’ mantra that seemed to have been tattooed to every single car made during those three decades. we need beautiful cars, cars that have everything. we live in a world that loves too much to compromise, and we draw a red line at cars. i want a car that has everything, and then a little bit more.